The intervention in El Cortijico, which has already begun with the manual sowing of 47,000 seeds and acorns; and that in its second phase it will also have a pilot experience in Andalucía, consisting of sowing 40,000 seeds with drone and to be developed in the autumn o...

With this new action the intention is to reinforce the diversity of this ecosystem and resilience against the expected effects of climate change and against possible forest fires. In addition, it is intended to improve balance and favour the proper functioning of nearb...

A proposal for 2019 and 2020 that will consist of various actions in El Cortijico, in the municipality of Chirivel; and La Muela de Montalviche. Consisting of sowing 200,000 seeds in El Cortijico and planting 30,000 trees in La Solana de La Muela.

The first stage was made possible thanks to the collaboration of public and private entities such as the Commonland Foundation, the Regional Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning of the Regional Government of Andalusia, the Wates and Ecosia Foundation, a co...

In total, 386 wages for 7 people, 4 men and 3 women, from the municipality of Vélez Blanco, were employed through the City Council. This is in addition to the pasrnership with other companies such as a plants nursery and transport company to transport the seedlings to...

The reforestation of the Solana de La Muela aim to regenerate the soil over the years, so that it will become a habitat for many species again, becoming a productive, fertile and a resilient land for the future.

The plants used for the reforestation of La Muela are native plants that provide different stages of vegetation that attract seed dispersants. A selection of plants is used to recover the native fauna which, in the past, had lost its natural habitat on the mountain.

The species have been selected in harmony with the vegetation of the Natural Park of Sierra María - Los Vélez. They will allow for a greater biodiversity and re

Thanks to Ecosia’s interest in large scale landscape restoration and the donation of 50.000 trees by Ecosia, La Muela mountain in Vélez Blanco is being restored. Using the Ecosia search engine is a way to enable landscape restoration in the Alvelal region.

The restoration activities consists of the construction of a small checkdams made from local materials. The objective is capture of water, and slowing down the water flow. In addition to that, the reforestation is done with native species, resistant to drought. This is...

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